What the Hay? Amazing Race Brings Back Road Block

After last weeks controversial quit/not quit from the poker girls, the Amazing Race returns with a rehash of a past season Road Block. Leaving Finland, teams had to fly to Stockholm, Sweden. Only problem was there were two flights and only room for three teams on the first. Matt/Gary and Ericka/Brian got stuck on the second flight and they knew it would be a race for last place. In Stockholm the brothers and Cheyne/Meghan decided to work together as both wanted the Globetrotters out of the race. Their teamwork did pay off, for some time at least, as they pushed ahead and left the two tall guys behind.
Although there was little airport drama, this time we had subway drama as the teams had to buy tickets and jump onto the train. Meghan/Cheyne and the brothers both got on the first train but with only a minute to spare the Globetrotters missed the tram and were forced into third place. Gary/Matt also had this trouble but it was more severe as they were battling for last place idn poker apk terpopuler. It allowed Ericka and Brian to get a very strong lead and its something they needed after last rounds almost elimination for the two.

The first task in Sweden was to take a ferry to a theme park, ride a drop-zone type ride, find an arrow and head that way for their next clue. All teams found the arrow on their first try, or at least editing says they did, but all had some screams on the way down. The next task was to place a ring around a cone to get a product placement Travelocity Gnome. I was wondering when it would show up this season but this time around it had little sinfigance. The gnome had the Detour clue on the bottom, either blow stuff up or figure out a word puzzle. Of course everyone blew stuff up (who wouldn’t?) and that’s where things got a bit odd.

Meghan/Cheyne and the brothers were at the blow up Detour first followed by the Globetrotters. The brothers had a smart idea to push the sand into their sandbags with their hands while the other two teams struggled by using a shovel. They were able to finish quickly and were on their way to the Road Block while Meghan/Cheyne bickered. Meghan wasn’t happy with the way Cheyne wouldn’t work with her and she basically wanted things to go her way and her way alone. That pushed them into third place the Globetrotters were able to finish before them but both got their clues and headed to follow the guys.

That left Ericka/Brian and Gary/Matt at the dynamite Detour. With their lead Ericka/Brian were able to finish first but Gary/Matt weren’t too far behind. Sadly they got lost with a plethora of crazy Swedish road names. It was kinda funny but sad for them as they were obviously lost! At the Road Block we saw a fan favorite from season 6 of the Amazing Race. It’s the lost clue in a hay stack which saw sisters from that season fight it out for 10 hours before Phil stepped in to eliminate them. This time they were looking for a flag and it forced everyone into some kind of frustration.

Meghan/Cheyne and the brothers were there first followed by the Globetrotters. With Sam and Meghan doing the task, along with Big Easy, they were all flustered by the daunting amount of hay bales they had to go through. Meghan was upset that she couldn’t find the clue, and was beat by Big Easy who got him and Flight Time a first place finish on Flight’s birthday. Sam was also frustrated but not at himself, he was mad at Dan. The two screamed at each other for over an hour until Dan realized he should just stop. It caused him to tear up at Phil’s mat but that wouldn’t be for while.

With Ericka/Brian and Gary/Matt arriving that left four teams all battling for the luck of the draw. Meghan, finally, found her flag and checked in a much deserved second while Brian got his next and checked in third. That left Sam and Gary still out there and battling for last place. With Sam finding his clue first, after a long long time, he and his brother checked in. Here is where Dan broke down for the things he said to Sam during the challenge, I find it mostly for show but whatever. Then we have Gary and Matt who checked in three hours after starting the task. It was pretty obvious that it was non-elimination though as I doubt they’d go to through all that just to have someone go home. It was a much better outcome then last time and with Matt still in the race we apparently have a new “stupid quote” coming up next time! Can’t wait.

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