Do Safety Management Systems Work?

I suppose there are a handful of solutions for this question. This will depend on which kind of safety management system we are speaking about and what you would like it to attain.

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Before searching at these questions it might be helpful to explain precisely what a safety management product is or at best what i’m saying through the term which means you a minimum of possess some understanding by what I am rambling on about.

For me personally a security management product is a documented group of policies, procedures and work instructions that describe the way a business manages and minimises the chance of injuries to the workforce. There are several expansions for this however this is basically what I am speaking about iLobby Visitor Management.

Now to the initial questions. Why would you like a security management system? I doubt it’s as you have an empty place in your bookshelf you need to fill with another folder that nobody reads. Could it be since you need one so that you can invest in a brand new contract that needs you to definitely get one? Are unions/regulators providing you with difficulty because you haven’t any safety documentation? These reasons aren’t as uncommon as you may think and before you decide to spend a collection of money and time on the safety management system ensure you understand what you would like in one.

There’s a stack of websites which will sell a system and a few may even customise them to fit your industry. You will find most likely not really many consultants and business associations who provides you with a collection of fancy folders full of printed paper together with your company emblem at the very top which will also suit you perfectly.

Watch out for this “cookie-cutter” approach though since it comes with its pitfalls. I had been once reviewing the security management system of the contractor who’d engaged an advisor to build up a security management system since it would be a dependence on anything specs. However, there is an issue using the manuals he provided – he would have his work crews working 12 metres above ground there wasn’t just one mention any place in his safety manuals about how exactly the peak issues of safety natural within the job could be managed.

He’d compensated lots of money to obtain a safety management system from the consultant who understood nothing about his business or even the way he labored also it was money wasted because his tender did not work through the very first review due to this gap within the documentation. With this contractor the security management system clearly did not work since it did not get him the task that was why he got it to begin with. However, for a lot of others this method has labored and it has been enough to fulfill whatever exterior demands were put on the company.

Internal pressures may also result in business proprietors searching for simple, cheap fast solution solutions. Stroppy employees, shop stewards, H&S representatives or workers who’re getting lots of injuries – getting a security management system sitting in stock enables you to definitely indicate it next time someone will get hurt and let them know to see it and stick to the rules of safety.

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